Saturday, March 14, 2009

Walk on Wood

I've been meaning to get a new pair of wooden heel shoes! The last time I remember owning one was probably some cork-type platform in 2000. Anywho, the boyfriend was out late at band practice for (many-many) hours and I was sad about not getting a new shoe lately! I'm on the tightest of budgets and believe me I was desperate for anything new.

It was 9:30PM and we headed off to target right after he was finally dismissed from practice, thank God. However I really wanted to hit up Target because I know they roll cheap and chic, but they close at 10:00PM. That pretty much gave us no time to look in depth! But whatever, I found these babies and at the first glance I just wanted them because they "would do." But when I brought them home I fell even more in love with them because they went with everything in my wardrobe! Love it! So here they are, my new wooden heels from Target at $19.99 baby...

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