Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hi I am moving my blog due to email changes!!! I have so much spam on my other account and I can't keep up to date with anything because of it!!! So here is the link to my new blog:

kind of more like my chictopia account instead of the "ism" hehehe. but okay will update soon!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I've gotta feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night.

It was rose's last day in mn. And then I think mal is moving to cali =( saaaaad! I don't remember this night much. Lmao.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lose your head, just for your heart.

I've been going through a love war with myself lately. Haha. Oppa, bogoshipda. Anyway, I was looking through elaine's flickr to see if I could see any old photos of me from our photoshoots! Found one that I photoshopped hahaha. Enjoy. It's the only update I will do for awhile. Because I'm sooo lazy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a sketch of mega

i was so in love with her cute little pictures i decided to do a photoshop sketch of her! haha. enjoy!

more picks!

More picks for me. I'm eyeing this camera! Hoping to get it soon-- and I've always wanted a really ugly giraffe bag... haha.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cause without you things go hazy.

So I decided to do a collage based on an effortless look. Still waiting on my wedges to come this thursday! I'm reallly excited to get them! Anywho, I'm still window shopping online for some summer investment oufits! Soon as I get the paychecks coming in... should be no problem right? Haha!

Shoes - Ninewest; Tank, necklace - Forever 21; Harem Pants - American Apparel ; Cuff - Wetseal;

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Double nickels on your dime.

So I saw these walking into charlotte russe while I was in milwaukee... Never purchasing shoes from there-- I randomly tried on a pair of 6's (i wear 5.5's) and it magically fit me! So I though, oh hell its meant to be. So I made my sister buy it for me and wahlah! I'm loving it. Still trying to work it with my wardrobe but too lazy so thought I'd just post a little something of it up! Enjoy :)

Wessst Siiiide;

Hey everyone, I just recently ordered this beautiful lace up wedge from ninewest and I'm in love with it. However I was using my brother's card to pay for it because I'm broke but the transaction wouldn't go through. So I did a phone order instead but couldn't use my coupon! So, here's the dish: The shoe was originally 159.99 but right now its on sale for 99.99 with and additional 30% off which is technically 69.99!!! It's a major steal and if you go look for ninewest coupons online you can save another 10.00 off and still receive FREE standard shipping!!! there a bunch of other shoes with these deals tooo so go now!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was getting tired of my wardrobe and I’ve been inspired lately by the ripped T-shirts everyone’s been wearing! I absolutely love them! So I went digging in my drawers for and old T-Shirt I don’t wear anymore and staring cutting/ripping it all over! How do you think it Looks? I like the biggest hole on the top =)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hitchcock Blonde 2009

I can't explain how much I love korean designer, Yeojin Bae's new collection. It's everything people are asking for this season. From prom fever to simple, yet detailed, 2-piecers Yeojin Bae touches all crucial spring trends.

Trousal Arousal

Who knew that coming in different shapes and sizes would be such a success for modern trousers and pants! I can't get enough of all the beautiful shapes, I'm in love with every seam! So I had to go and photoshop all the pants that I could think of

Thursday, March 19, 2009

MK ... and Her Kimono Dresses.

I've noticed lately that Mary-Kate loves wearing Kimono dresses to formal events! And you know what? She looks amazing in them so I don't blame the tiny one! I'm hoping to snatch one from somewhere for the next formal event I'm attending. I love the way the free flow architecture of these dresses fit on her! Makes her look like a million bucks! Wait... she is!

The Metropolitan Opera's 125th Anniversary Gala
March 15, 2009 in New York City.

Grand Opening of Atlantis
November 20, 2009

Did It Myself: Hmong-inspired headband.

I've always thought about making a collection of hmong-inspired hats/headbands because I just absolutely love the maroon poms! So today I managed to do something other than watch korean movies and made myself a headband! It was simple and didn't consist of any sewing which was a great thing for me because my sewing machine is at my dorm! Anyways, I love the poms I made. They are so big!!! Haha. And then I just braided the headband out of some stretchy non-raveling material.

Closet Depression


Oh the wonderful things that we ponder upon due to our disgusting budgets! Ew, I'm a poor little college gal who needs love (love from clothes that is). Any who, you know you've become a wise shopper when you only look forward to buying pieces that will truly be an investment! My latest search is:

The Boyfriend (or oversized) Blazer
It works as a great cover up if you just wanna dress down, and it works as a great alternative to a jacket! It's so chic-ly masculine and goes with everything! I love love love every blazer that MaryKate Olsen wears and she does a great job in persuading me to go get one immediately!

Urban Outfitters
Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer

Long Boyfriend Jacket

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stam me, stam you.

Love Jessica Stam! She's been one of my all-time favorite models and a style icon forever. Her face is flawless, and I just love how she's one of the very few healthy ones. Can't get enough of her when I see her on the runway photos. Haha, so thought I'd do a post on her :) yum.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Walk on Wood

I've been meaning to get a new pair of wooden heel shoes! The last time I remember owning one was probably some cork-type platform in 2000. Anywho, the boyfriend was out late at band practice for (many-many) hours and I was sad about not getting a new shoe lately! I'm on the tightest of budgets and believe me I was desperate for anything new.

It was 9:30PM and we headed off to target right after he was finally dismissed from practice, thank God. However I really wanted to hit up Target because I know they roll cheap and chic, but they close at 10:00PM. That pretty much gave us no time to look in depth! But whatever, I found these babies and at the first glance I just wanted them because they "would do." But when I brought them home I fell even more in love with them because they went with everything in my wardrobe! Love it! So here they are, my new wooden heels from Target at $19.99 baby...